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The Just Medellin Community is a place to learn from people like you who love Medellin and want to share and connect with like-minded people through shared experiences and knowledge of the city, resources and local services.

The Community

Here are just some of the features of the Community

Discussion Forums

Talking with members inside the Community gives you real knowledge that you just can't get on your own

Social Groups 

Join groups of like-minded people in an area of interest and increase your learning and create lasting friendships

Questions & Answers

Ask your burning questions about Medellin and get the local scoop on all things Medellin


Find the top spots for casual and fine dining in Medellin from members personal experiences

Things to Do

With all of the fantastic things to do in Medellin hear from others who have explored the area

Visa Information

Learn how to get a Visa to stay in Colombia long-term from the community and local experts

Events Calendar

Don't know what to do in Medellin? Our Events calendar will post local events that can fill up your days

Housing Information

Learn the neighborhoods of Medellin and in and outs of finding housing. We make it easy to find an apartment

Safety Advice

There are safety precautions that you should take when living or visiting Medellin. Learn the secrets

A Quick Look Inside The Community

Local Service Providers

It's nothing like having a trusted "local" show you around who can speak the language and knows Medellin

Health Care Advice

Seeking medical attention in a foreign country can be a nightmare. Get advice on where to go in Medellin

Dental Advice

Dentistry is a big industry in Medellin because of the quality and low cost. Finding the right dentist isn't so easy :)

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November 8, 2022


November 8, 2022


October 25, 2022


About Me.

My name is Rhett and having spent much time experiencing the wonderful city of Medellin, Colombia, I soon found that many visitors, retirees, and digital nomads needed a resource for quality information to make their visit or relocation to this fabulous city as seamless as possible.  This was the idea behind creating the "Just Medellin" community.

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